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Cavity Wall Insulation

cavvvBonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation is a graphite polystyrene material which is injected in bead form with a binding agent and fire retardant into the cavities of new and existing houses. The type we use is known as Certainfil Graphite 27 Plus, high value grey bead with a density of 12 Kg/m3.

We always promote Graphite 27 Plus as it gives the home owner a much better U-Value. The product has IAB approval for the thermal insulation of new or masonry walls up to 12 metres in height. It also facilitates the control of surface and interstital condensation in walls.
Michael Glynn Pvc Products and Insulation is an IAB approved installer.

The procedure for insulating your walls is as follows

  • A sales rep arrives on your site and carries out a survey of your building. Once the survey is satisfactory and a price is agreed an installation crew will arrive on site within one week.

  • The installers provide all necessary tools for doing the work and material for making good of holes. In the case of semi-detached houses a nylon brush is inserted at the line dividing the properties to ensure that the bonded bead is contained in the walls of the house being insulated.

  • cavityThen holes of 22mm in diameter are drilled in either the outer or inner leaf. The normal spacing not more that 0.6m horizontally apart and the top row of holes is drilled under windows and obstructions.

  • Alternatively a series of holes is drilled approx 0.6m horizontally apart and 200m above the highest ceiling level. A further series of holes 2m apart is drilled at the middle height if a 2 story building. To ensure complete fill of the cavity space Certainfill Bonded Bead together with the correct ratio of binding is then injected into the cavity. The material packs to a uniform density in the cavity and this is not affected by the injection equipment.

  • The installation team make good of holes drilled in existing houses but do not repaint holes.

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